Hot yoga is a type of exercise where yogis perform different workouts in hot and humid conditions. That being said, this type of yoga is performed commonly due to the hot weather of India from which this exercise originated.

One simply can’t use a traditional mat for hot yoga. Why? Because the humid environment means that you’ll come across many slipping issues. Plus, if there’s no moisture absorbing, you’ll easily get frustrated with all the sweat on your hands. This is where the best yoga mat for hot yoga comes in handy.

Today, we’ll be discussing some hot yoga mats so that you can easily consider this exercise type as well. For this purpose, I have already compiled up a list of the top 5 yoga mats keeping their quality, features, and price range in mind.

So, let’s have a look without any further ado:

Hot Yoga Mats
Yoga Mat NameTop SurfaceSuitable For
1. Heathyoga Synergy Yoga MatMicrofiber TowelProfessionals
2. Plyopic Yoga MatMicrofiber TowelProfessionals
3. Aurorae SynergyMicrofiber TowelProfessionals
4. Manduka Welcome Yoga MatTextured, PrintedAmateurs
5. Gaiam Premium Yoga MatTextured, PrintedBeginners

1. Heathyoga Synergy – Best Hot Yoga Mat

Heathyoga is a brand that never lets its customers down with cheap products. That’s the main reason, many customers are happy with the yoga mats introduced by this brand. Similarly, the brand new Synergy by Heathyoga tops our list for being a perfect hot yoga choice. That’s because it comes with a premium quality construction, has an anti-slippery design and can keep you comfortable during intense hot yoga sessions as well. Plus, the availability of different color variations let you choose the type of mat you want according to your preferences easily.

First of all, the best hot yoga mat in 2020 has a 2-in-1 design. That is, the top surface of the mat has been integrated with a microfiber towel which offers a non-slip surface to the yogis. As a result of that, it is extremely easy for exercising maniacs to try out different hot yoga workouts without any issues.

On the other hand, all the materials used in the construction of this mat are non-toxic and they’ve been certified by SGS as well. So, along with a non-slippery environment, you’ll also be enjoying performing different hot yoga exercises without consuming any toxic gases at all.

As far as the bottom surface is concerned, it is properly textured with TPE materials to ensure maximum grip on the floor. TPE has also been used in the bottom surface to support the microfiber towel and keeps the stability of the body by providing enough cushioning as well.

Last but not least, the best yoga mat for hot yoga has a large size and is perfect for people of all shapes and ages. Apart from that, the mat also has a lightweight construction, thus making sure that you can easily carry it around whenever you want. The brand also offers customer support and is available to answer your queries anytime you want.


The price is not affordable. You are getting a yoga mat with a 2-in-1 design having a microfiber towel on the top surface while a TPE textured construction on the back surface. So, you have to pay the price of the mat to enjoy these features.



  • Microfiber Towel Upper

  • Bottom Surface is Made from Textured TPE

  • Anti-slippery Design

  • Suitable for Hot Yoga Exercises

  • Extremely Durable and Lightweight

  • Large Size

  • A Bit Expensive

  • No Carrying Strap Available

Final Views:

Heathyoga surely offers one of the best mats in the market meant for intense hot yoga sessions. So, better check it out especially if you are thinking of a long-term investment rather than a cheap yoga mat.

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Heathyoga Synergy Yoga Mat

2. Plyopic Yoga Mat – Best Hot Yoga Mat Under 100

Back in the days when technology was not so advanced, many people complained about the slippery nature of yoga mats and it was a big dilemma for the yoga mat manufacturers as well. However, this is not the case nowadays. That being said, Plyopic Yoga Mat is certainly the one to solve all your sweaty problems during hot yoga sessions. It has an all-in-one design which makes it easier for the yogi to experience the best hot yoga sessions without any frustration. Having said that, the aesthetic color variations also make a peaceful impact on a wholesome yoga experience.

The top surface of this yoga mat has been induced with a microfiber towel which will solve all your slipping issues once and for all. So, no matter how sweaty you are or how intense the hot yoga session is, the mat from Plyopic won’t be disappointing you as you’ll be able to take out intense exercises without facing any injury due to moisture.

Keep in mind that Plyopic yoga mat is designed for a multifunction job. Yeah, it can be used for Pilates, for yoga, hot yoga sessions, for doing abs workout and much more. In fact, once you invest in this yoga mat, you won’t be needing any other typical mat for a long time.

The base of hot yoga mat has been made with a 3.5mm non-toxic rubber which ensures proper stability and cushioning at the same time. Apart from that, rubber base has strong traction on the ground. Therefore, it would be easier for you to try intense hot yoga sessions on it fearlessly.

In the end, the best yoga mat for hot yoga has a combination of premium and Eco-friendly materials. That being said, you will be at a peace of mind while attending hot yoga sessions with Plyopic mat for sure. Plus, you can choose from premium designs with vibrant colors as well.


The yoga mat, with extended features for hot yoga, will cost you more than 50 bucks. It is not affordable at all and is only meant for peeps who are extremely serious about keeping their bodies healthy and fresh with intense hot yoga sessions.



  • Lightweight and Large Size

  • Ideal for Women and Men

  • Microfiber Towel and Rubber Base

  • Non-slippery Surface for Perfect Hot Yoga Experience

  • The Microfiber Towel Absorbs Moisture Easily

  • Ultra-Durable

  • No Carrying Strap Available

  • Expensive Price Tag

Final Views:

Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat is meant for the professional yogis who want to endure more sweat while performing a complex set of hot yoga exercises. Check it out only if you are interested in a long-term investment.

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Plyopic All in One Yoga Mat

3. Aurorae Synergy – Best Yoga Mat With Microfiber Towel

Synergy from Aurorae even though is an expensive yoga mat, but the features it offers are not available in other yoga mats for sure. That’s the main reason the brand has already reserved its patent rights in the US. No one would be able to replicate what Aurorae yoga mats offer and this is the reason yogis are going mad over one of the best yoga mats available in the market.

Talking about some general features first, the top surface of Synergy by Aurorae comes with a premium microfiber towel. So, there won’t be any worries about the slippery environment that most of the yogis face while performing different hot yoga exercises. The microfiber towel can easily absorb all the moisture while keeping your hands as dry as possible.

Aurorae also claim that with more wetness, the yoga mat becomes more resistant to move even an inch from its placement while keeping the overall environment as dry as possible. That’s a bold claim made by the mat and as per my experience, it is true to a good extent.

Moreover, the yoga mat has a lightweight shape. That is, it can easily be transported from one place to another by simply folding the mat and using the carrying strap for movement. So, no matter if you want to perform yoga exercises in a park, in a gym or at hot yoga centers, this mat will be available for you as a trustworthy companion.

Finally, the best yoga mat for hot yoga has an odorless construction. All the materials used in it have been certified by SGS and the mat offers an Eco-friendly environment to exercise your heart out in an ideal manner.


Aurorae Yoga Mat is, in fact, one of the most expensive yoga mats available on our list and in the market. The uniqueness that this brand offers cannot be replicated or available in any other brand and that’s the reason you have to pay its price.



  • Lightweight Design

  • PER Bottom with Microfiber Top

  • The Towel Absorbs Moisture to Keep the Hands Dry

  • Strong Traction on the Ground

  • Ideal for Women and Men

  • Extremely Durable

  • Expensive Price Tag

  • No Other Cons

Final Views:

So, Aurorae Synergy is finally a yoga mat that you can choose with closed eyes. The mat can offer complete support and comfort to the body no matter how expensive it is. So, check it out especially if you have the money.

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Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga

4. Manduka Welcome Yoga Mat – Yoga Mat With Anti-Slippery Properties

Manduka Welcome Yoga Mat is famous for the anti-slippery properties it has as one of the best yoga mats will keep you in the same exercising position without any worries. Having said that, the sleek and unique design with vibrant colors attracts a lot of yogis towards the mat and as far as the quality is concerned, they are pretty much happy with the mat. Finally, the price tag is not way too high as compared to the mats we’ve discussed above. Having around 40 bucks in your pockets can easily allow you to have this yoga mat.

Both the top and bottom surfaces of the best yoga mat for hot yoga have been textured properly to ensure the anti-slippery environment. Therefore, it becomes easier for yogis to attend hot yoga sessions without worrying much.

In addition to that, the yoga mat has a large size and has a lightweight construction. It can easily be carried around from one place to another to ensure maximum portability. Hence, you can carry out this mat in a calm park, or a gym easily.

One of the best features that this yoga mat has is that it has a closed-cell surface. Therefore, your body’s sweat won’t get seeped inside the mat making it stiff or slippery.

Finally, the best yoga mat for beginners has been made with premium quality materials. There aren’t any toxic materials used that would cause harm to your health upon inhaling during hot yoga sessions.


This mat is meant for beginner yogis only. That is, professionals should check out the first three yoga mats that I mentioned above for a better yoga experience.



  • Anti-slippery Texture

  • Closed-cell Surface to Resist Moisture

  • Ideal for Hot Yoga Sessions

  • Large Size with Lightweight Shape

  • Better for Beginners

  • Not Suitable for Professionals

Final Views:

The yoga mat by Manduka surely is one of the best choices for beginner yogis who are just getting around with normal yoga exercises. So, I’ll be recommending it to you as the yoga mat is affordable and has many features to keep you comfortable.

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5. Gaiam Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga Under 30

Finally, the last yoga mat up on our list is an affordable one and will cost you less than 30 bucks for sure. Having said that, Gaiam yoga mat is a suitable choice for hot yoga as it already offers optimum thickness and has an anti-slippery design at the same time.

On the other hand, the cheap yoga mat for hot yoga has a lightweight design. Therefore, it is easier for a yogi to take it anywhere he/she wants.

Moreover, Gaiam Yoga mat has been printed with different artistic motifs and has a textured top and bottom surface as well.

Finally, the yoga mat has been made with non-toxic materials that have been certified by different tests so that you can perform different exercises in a healthy environment.


The yoga mat is not meant for professionals.



  • Lightweight Design

  • Anti-Slippery Textured Shape

  • Durable and Sturdy

  • Self-Strapping is Available

  • Not for Professionals

Final Views:

Check out the yoga mat introduced by Gaiam especially if you are extremely low on budget.

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Gaiam Yoga Mat

Some Last Words:

Hot yoga is different from normal yoga in a sense that it is performed in extremely humid and hot environments. Therefore, you need to invest in a yoga mat that can handle all the sweat to offer you a comfortable exercising experience. From the yoga mats I’ve mentioned above, I’ll be recommending you to go for Aurorae Synergy as it’s the mat I’ve used quite often especially for my hot yoga sessions.

Good Luck!!