Best Picks for Thick Yoga

Yoga is an essential exercise for the body as it is connected directly to the relaxation of mind along with proper stretching of the body. That being said, to perform different yoga workouts with comfort and ease, one needs to invest in the best thick yoga mat respectively.

A thick yoga mat has got many benefits. That is, using such a yoga mat, you can easily perform different techniques to gain inner peace as well as to properly stretch your body. Plus, a thick yoga mat ensures that there isn’t any discomfort while you perform an exercise.

So, keeping the essence of a thick yoga mat in mind, I have decided to compile up a list of the top 5 mats according to their quality, features, and budget range.

So, let’s start without any further ado:

Yoga Mat NameTop SurfaceThickness
1. Gaiam Essentials Yoga Mat Textured2/5 inches
2. HemingWeigh Yoga MatTextured5/8 inches
3. BalanceFrom GoYoga MatHigh-density Foam1/2 inches
4. AmazonBasics Yoga MatDurable Foam1/2 inches
5. Gaiam Premium Yoga MatExtra Thick Foam6mm

1. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat 2021

The yoga mat which tops our list for being the best choice mat in 2021 is from Gaiam which is a famous brand and is a direct rival with many yoga brands. That being said, the yoga mat introduced by this brand is available in a lot of colors and has a good shape with minimal thickness to ensure performing different exercises easily.

As far as the working job is concerned, the best thick yoga mat does offer support to people who are either doing yoga or Pilates or any other workout. So, upon choosing this mat, you won’t be needing any other mat for performing different exercises.

If we are talking about thick yoga mats, then it is necessary to know the overall thickness of this mat as well. Well, the overall thickness of Gaiam Essentials yoga mat is 2/5 inches to ensure maximum comfort while doing different yoga exercises.

On the other hand, this yoga mat is away from leaking any toxic gasses in the environment. Yeah, you heard me right. The mat is 100% non-toxic and helps you to exercise different workouts without consuming anything harmful at all.

Finally, to enhance the portability, Gaiam Essentials mat does come with a carrying strap in which the mat can be folded and easily be moved from one place to another. So, no matter if you workout at home or in a park, you can carry this yoga mat around without any issues.


No matter how premium Gaiam yoga mat is, it still has some short comes that needs to be addressed. First of all, the odor is extremely high when you unbox the package for the very first time. Other than that, the customer support is just terrible.



  • 2/5″ Thickness

  • Ideal for Pilates and Yoga Exercises

  • Different Color Combinations are Available

  • Carrier Strap is Included

  • Non-toxic Yoga Mat

  • Keeps you Healthy for a Long Time

  • Odor is Extremely High in Early Days

  • Customer Support is Poor

Final Views:

Gaiam has introduced an extra thick yoga mat with a cheap price range which allows you to practice different yoga workouts without any issues. Better check it out especially if you are low on budget.

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Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat

2. HemingWeigh Yoga Mat – Best Multi-function Yoga Mat

HemingWeigh is a company that has tried its best to ensure all features in a single yoga mat and that too with an affordable price range. That being said, this floor mat is a perfect choice for people who want a mat not just for yoga, but for other workouts as well.

First of all, the best thick yoga mat has extra bulkiness to ensure maximum comfort while you are doing yoga or abs workout. The thickness also keeps a proper moisture balance to let you remain active during the workouts.

One of the best features that HemingWeigh yoga mat comes with is its non-slippery surface. Once you have adjusted this mat on the ground, it won’t move even for an inch as far as you are doing different exercises on it.

Next, we are going to discuss the durability level of this yoga mat as well. That is, this mat, with its premium construction, is extremely durable and can last longer than expected.

Finally, an easy transportation system is provided by the company for improved portability. That is, the self strapping system can be used to carry the mat around from one place to another perfectly. One other thing you need to notice in this mat is the 2-year warranty backing that can be claimed anytime.


HemingWeigh yoga mat is the best in the market with a variety of features. However, many customers have complained regarding the unbearable smell which remains there even after months.



  • Extra Thick Design

  • Non-slippery Mat for Yoga

  • Ideal for Men and Women

  • Suitable for Stretching and Abs Workout

  • Ultra-Durable

  • Self Strapping

  • Unbearable Smell from the Mat

  • No Other Cons

Final Views:

In a nutshell, the price tag, that HemingWeigh yoga mat has is completely justified as you won’t be getting a multi-function job from a mat within this price range for sure. So, check it out especially if you need to stretch and do exercises along with yoga.

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3. BalanceFrom GoYoga – Best Thick Yoga Mat For Men

BalanceFrom GoYoga is an extra thick yoga mat with top-notch construction to ensure proper support while doing different exercises for a long time. The best thick yoga mat is available in a variety of colors and is a perfect fit for men as well as women.

That being said, the GoYoga has got a length of 71 inches whereas it is 24 inches wide, thus making sure that no matter how tall you are, you will easily be accommodated on the mat without worrying about anything.

Just like the yoga mat that we discussed above, this one also has an extra thick size with 1/2″ thickness to ensure proper cushioning for different parts of the body especially the hips, thighs, back, and legs area.

One of the best properties available in GoYoga mat is that it comes with moisture resistant technology. Therefore, there will be no humidity or wetness even if you are performing different yoga exercises for a long time.

Transportation, at last, is extremely easy. The self strapping and lightweight design ensure easy carrying of the mat from one place to another. Plus, this yoga mat is also backed up by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


The mat, with all the features, is not as durable as one might expect. That is, after performing a few yoga exercises on it, you will notice that the mat will start wearing and will cause a disturbance with your exercises.



  • Lightweight and Extra-thick Yoga Mat

  • Comes with Inner Strapping

  • Color Varieties are Available

  • Perfect for Men and Women at the Same Time

  • Accommodates Taller Peeps Easily

  • Moisture Resistant Design

  • Wearing Issues are Common

  • Not as Durable as Advertised

Final Views:

GoYoga by BalanceFrom is one of the best choices you can make within an affordable budget especially if you need a cushioned mat for performing different yoga exercises with ease.

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BalanceFrom GoYoga

4. AmazonBasics Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat Under 20

AmazonBasics Yoga Mat can support your body especially when you are involved in tense exercising situations. On the other hand, the mat has a variety of colors such as green, purple, grey, red and pink. Considering the premium quality construction and a large area that it covers, the best thick yoga mat is exceptionally good for people with diversified shapes. In addition to that, the mat won’t be disappointing you with its smell at all as it has been made with non-toxic materials.

Talking about some general features, the best yoga mat under $20 does have a multifunction job. That is, this mat can be used for yoga, for pilates, for stretching the body and for abs workout at the same time. The multifunction feature helps people who are already low on budget.

The surface of the mat, on the other hand, has been textured to keep it away from getting slippery. Therefore, no matter how harsh your exercises are, the mat won’t move even slightly allowing you to stretch your body in the best possible manner.

Customer satisfaction is the sole purpose of AmazonBasics yoga mat and for that reason, this mat has been designed with premium quality materials. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to use it for different kinds of exercises for a long time without any worries.

Finally, an easy transportation feature with the mat allows you to carry it around from one place to another easily. You simply have to just fold and strap the mat and can carry it easily to a park or Gym without any discomfort.


AmazonBasics yoga mat is extra thick and offers a wide range of features for yoga enthusiasts as well. However, customer support is less to none. That is, you won’t be getting any reply regarding the issue you are facing with the mat no matter how hard you try.



  • Extra thick Yoga Mat for Men and Women

  • Ideal Length and Width for People of all Shapes

  • Ultra-durable and Lightweight Design

  • Inner Strapping Option is Available

  • Textured Surface to Avoid Slippery Situations

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Customer Support is Poor

  • No Other Cons to Offer

Final Views:

The yoga mat from AmazonBasics is a perfect choice for people who are interested in a mat that offers proper cushioning no matter what workout they are trying. So, check it out as the mat will be costing you a little amount of money only.

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AmazonBasics Extra Thick Yoga Mat

5. Gaiam Premium – Best Yoga Mat With Reversible Design

Finally, the last best thick yoga mat on our list is from Gaiam and this time, the yoga mat has got a premium design. Yeah, both the sides of this yoga mat are printed with different artistic textures to provide an aesthetic view while performing calm yoga exercises. In addition to that, this yoga mat, even though, cost you more than expected, but after taking a look at the features, you’ll say for yourself that the price is completely justified. So, let’s head towards the features that this yoga mat has:

First of all, this yoga mat has a reversible design. That is, both sides are printed so that you can just lay it down and start different workouts on it without any issues. Plus, keep in mind that each side provides proper traction to your body and on the surface respectively to provide the best yoga experience.

Additionally, Gaiam has made sure that this yoga mat completely meets the demands of customers. So, for this purpose, the mat has been made extra thick and is lightweight at the same time. Thus, each body part will be supported with comfortable cushioning of the mat.

One other feature that you need to know regarding the best yoga mat of 2021 is that it is away from emitting harmful and toxic gasses in the environment. So, you can enjoy a natural environment for performing different exercises. However, keep in mind that the company asks you to keep the mat in the open air for at least a day or two as it has a distinctive odor upon opening.

Finally, the last vest feature with this yoga mat is that once you confirm the purchase, you’ll receive a free yoga workout DVD as a bonus, that you can watch to improve the way you exercise.


The mat is a bit pricey. There are no other cons available.



  • Reversible Design

  • Non-slippery Shape

  • Extra Thick Mat Offers Cushioning

  • Non-toxic Materials Construction

  • Pricey Mat

  • No Other Con

Final Views:

Check out the latest yoga mat introduced by Gaiam especially if you are a professional yogi and spending more is not an issue for you.

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Some Last Words:

That would be all regarding the best yoga mats available with extra thickness. Keep in mind that extra thick yoga mats will be keeping your body fully comfortable with the type of cushioning they provide. So, choose from the list I’ve mentioned above or go for my recommendation which is, Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat as it’s a perfect choice for every person even though the mat costs a bit more than expected.

Good Luck!!