Non Slip Yoga Mats

Back in the days when yoga mats were scarce in number, they were not piled up with features as we see today. The mats were slippery and people weren’t able to do different exercises on them easily. The days have changed, there are easy solutions to this problem, i.e. investing in the best non slip yoga mat.

A non-slip yoga mat, in short, is made in such a way that it won’t move even an inch away from where you have placed it already. You heard it right. That’s the reason yogis and workout enthusiasts these days are more interested in mats that offer strong traction on the ground.

To ensure that you get the best nonslip yoga mat, I’ve compiled up a list of the top 5 mats available in 2020 based on their quality, thickness, and price range.

So, let’s have a look without any further ado:

Yoga Mat NameTop SurfaceSelf-Carrying Strap
1. Heathyoga Mat TPE, texturedYes
2. IUGA ProPolyurethane, TexturedYes
3. TOPLUS Yoga MatTPE, texturedYes
4. Arteesol Yoga MatTPE, texturedYes
5. Incline Fit Exercise MatTexturedYes

1. Heathyoga Mat – Best Non Slip Yoga Mat 2020

Heathyoga mat comes on the top of our list with its durable shape and design. The company makes sure that no matter how affordable a yoga mat is, it can’t be easily moved from one place to another. The overall design, on the other hand, is unique and portable at the same time. Moreover, there won’t be any wearing issues eve if you are using this mat for a long time. Finally, different color variations are also available to choose from according to your preferences.

Talking about some necessary features, the yoga mat, first of all, comes with eco-friendly construction. That is, new TPE materials have been used as compared to PVC or other toxic materials to ensure a completely healthy environment while you are doing different yoga workouts.

One side of the Heathyoga mat is extremely textured. Therefore, the mat keeps strong traction on the ground and doesn’t slip in any circumstances. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to perform different yoga workouts without feeling any fear that the mat will move from its position.

As far as the other features are concerned, this non slip yoga mat does have proper alignment lines available on the top surface. So, you can easily align your body with the best position to start workouts.

Finally, extra thickness is also offered by Heathyoga mat. It becomes a comfortable and relaxing experience for the yogi as this mat can offer proper comfort and support to different parts of the body.


Heathyoga mat is a bit expensive as compared to other mats available in the market. The main reason for this price tag is the textured design and extra thickness that can’t be seen within other typical yoga mats.



  • Durable Design

  • Extra-thick Shape

  • Back-side Strong Grip

  • Body Alignment Lines are Available

  • Suitable for both Men and Women

  • Extra Large Size

  • Expensive Price Tag

  • Nada

Final Views:

Check out the best non slip yoga mat available in 2020 with an ability to support your body posture especially when you are trying complex yoga workouts. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be budget-conscious to consider this yoga mat.

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Heathyoga Eco Friendly

2. IUGA Pro – Best Non Slip Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga:

Many people have got this issue of excessive sweat whenever they are trying different exercises on their mats. As a result, the probability of getting slipped arises especially when you are not using a non-slip mat. In such situations, IUGA Pro is there to ensure proper comfort along with a non-slip design so that you might be able to conduct hot yoga sessions without any worries.

As far as the non-slippery design is concerned, the back of this yoga mat is already textured, so it won’t move from its original position no matter what you are trying. On the other hand, the polyurethane top surface is also non-slip and it doesn’t allow to absorb any moisture at all. So, the result is you doing complex yoga exercises without any issues.

To ensure an odorless design, IUGA Pro doesn’t have any toxic smell coming out of it unlike some other amt even if you take it out from the package. The polyurethane material is SGS certified to make sure that you perform yoga in a healthy environment.

One other feature that you need to know regarding the best non slip yoga mat is that it has a lightweight shape and can last longer than expected as well. The materials used, for instance, are extremely durable and won’t be torn apart no matter how harshly you use the mat.

Last but not least, cushioning and stability offered by IUGA Pro makes it easier for the professionals to do either yoga, pilates, or abs workout on it. Proper cushioning is there to support each part of your body in the best possible manner.


Even though the yoga mat offers cushioning and stability and has a large size, it’s not extra thick. So, I won’t be recommending this yoga to ladies who have a fatty shape as it wouldn’t be providing you the due comfort while exercising.



  • Lightweight and Durable Design

  • Polyurethane Top Surface

  • Other Side is Completely Textured

  • Non Slipping Feature

  • Polyurethane Doesn’t Have any Odor

  • Eco-friendly Exercising Mat

  • Not Extra Thick

  • No Other Cons

Final Views:

IUGA Pro is yet another worthy contender of being considered especially when all you need is yoga which doesn’t let you slip during the hot yoga sessions. So, consider it especially when you have a budget of around 50 bucks to spend on a non slip yoga mat.

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3. TOPLUS Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat Under 30

TPLUS yoga mat is meant for those exercising maniacs who are unable to invest in high-budget mats as they don’t have enough money. Well, for them, the good news is that this top-notch yoga mat will cost no more than 30 bucks and can offer complete comfort and support at the same time. Plus, there are different color variations available along with different printed designs as well, thus allowing you to choose a mat according to your preferences in the best possible manner.

Talking about the materials used in the construction first, this yoga mat comes with TPE surface which is way more better than the classic PVC used in many affordable mats. The premium construction, thus allows this mat to be used for different yoga workouts without any worries.

Proper textures can be seen on both surfaces to offer a non-slippery environment which is indeed the very first priority for a non slip mat. Having said that, this yoga mat won’t let you get slip no matter how intense a yoga session gets. Apart from that, you’ll be able to conduct hot yoga sessions on this mat as well.

The thickness, on the other hand, is more than enough. That is, a 6mm thick yoga mat can support each of your body position in the best possible manner. In addition to that, it also offers proper cushioning and support to different body parts especially when you are involved in complex flexible workouts.

Eco-friendly environment is what TOPLUS yoga mat ensures. That is, the TPE material is not the same as materials used in cheap yoga mats such as PVC. It keeps a person away from toxic odor and harmful gasses for a long time. Therefore, you can easily rely on this mat to get yourself energized in a healthy and natural environment.

Lastly, the best non slip yoga mat has a lightweight design which means easy transportation. Self strapping is also available through which you can carry the mat around from one place to another without any issues.


Even though TOPLUS Yoga mat offers 6mm thickness, it’s not so ideal for fatty people as they need more of a thick yoga mat to provide proper cushioning and support to different body parts easily.



  • Lightweight Design

  • TPE Material Construction

  • Both Surfaces are Textured for Strong Traction

  • Provides an Eco-Friendly Environment

  • Durable and Sturdy

  • Not ideal for Fatty People

  • Color variations may not be bright as advertised

Final Views:

So, the best yoga mat that offers comfort and support with a non-slippery environment is going to cost you no more than 30 bucks. So, better invest in it before it runs out of stock.

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4. Arteesol Yoga Mat – Cheap Non Slip Yoga Mat For the Money:

The second last yoga mat up on our list is from arteesol which is known for producing top-notch products to ensure the comfort and support of yogis in the best possible way. Having said that, the best non slip yoga mat, first of all, is made with premium quality materials. Secondly, there are different color variations available from which you can choose the type you want. And finally, this yoga mat has an affordable price and this makes it a perfect choice for peeps who are already low on budget.

The mat, first of all, comes with TPE material construction and has been textured on both sides to improve the strong grip. Therefore, exercising or trying out different yoga positions on this mat is quite easier as compared to mats that don’t provide any stability.

Plus, one other feature that you need to notice in arteesol Yoga Mat is that the TPE materials used in it are non-toxic and PVC free. This means that the mat won’t be releasing any harmful or toxic gasses in the air. Therefore, it becomes easy to perform different exercises in a healthy environment.

Along with other features, the best yoga mat under $25 has a high-density construction to provide enough cushioning. However, even with suitable thickness, it has a lightweight structure and can easily be carried around from one place to another via carrying strap.

Finally, the reason many people consider arteesol Yoga mat is that the brand offers better customer support as compared to the likes of other companies. In case you have got any queries related to the mat, you can directly contact the customer support for further assistance.


There are no major problems with arteesol yoga mat. However, the mat is not suitable for taller people as it only has a standard length and width.



  • TPE Material Construction

  • Suitable for both Men and Women

  • Anti-slippery Design

  • Durable and Sturdy

  • Affordable Price

  • Not for Taller People

  • No Other Cons

Final Views:

Check out the brand new yoga mat by Arteesol especially if you want an anti-slippery environment to try out different yoga workouts within an affordable budget.

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Arteesol Yoga Mat

5. Incline Fit Exercise Mat – Extra Thick Yoga Mat 2020

Incline Fit Exercise mat is an all-in-one package for people who need both thickness and non-slippery qualities from a single mat. Having said that, the mat offers way better features and will completely support your body posture with proper cushioning.

Both surfaces of Incline Fit exercise mat have been textured completely to provide strong traction. Therefore, it is easier for you to do different exercises on the mat without any slipping issues.

On the other hand, an extra thick shape of 1 inch is more than enough to support your body no matter how bulky your body is. The extra thickness is suitable for people of all ages and shapes.

Last but not least, this yoga mat has got a self carrying strap and is lightweight to enhance the portability. Therefore, it can easily be carried around from one place to another.


Incline Fit Exercise mat even with non-slippery and extra thickness features is unable to last for long. That is, the durability is compromised.



  • Textured Shape

  • Non-slippery Design

  • Suitable for Fat People

  • Not Durable

  • Not impressive quality wise

Final Views:

Go for Incline Fit exercise mat especially if you need anti-slippery and proper cushioning features all in one mat within an affordable price.

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Incline Fit Exercise Mat

Some Last Words:

This is it regarding the best non slip yoga mat available in the market in 2020. I’ve tried my best to explain everything regarding each yoga ma mentioned above. However, if you still have confusion, then I’ll be recommending you to go for arteesol Yoga Mat as it is one of the best non-slippery mats for professional yogis.

Good Luck!!