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The Best Yoga Mats 2022 That Matter For You

A yogi is always in search of a good yoga mat because its the main component of yoga passion. For comfortable yoga, you need to have a good posture and a good yoga mat. Searching the best yoga mat is a hard task due to numerous options available out there. But you don’t have to worry as we’ve completed our research for you. We have compiled a list of top 10 best yoga mats of 2022 and their features.

1. BalanceFrom GoYoga – Best Yoga Mat 2022

When it comes to buying a yoga mat that is affordable and worthy, BalanceFrom GoYoga wins the race. This yoga mat has the thickness that makes it suitable for all athletes. The main feature that makes it extraordinary is its thickness. We’ve seen many yoga mats that worn out after a while but when it comes to this yoga mat, we can guarantee that it’s a keeper. It is very comfortable for the knees no matter how strenuous exercise you’re doing. The extra padding makes it convenient for long term use too. The cheap price of this mat makes it very attractive with all the features that it offers.

Here are some important features of BalanceFrom GoYoga:

½” Extra Thick:

Its thickness accommodates the spine, hips, and knees to stay comfortable in any position. You don’t have to worry about the hard floors and bruising while using this mat. It is made of a premium quality material which ensures that you and your mat doesn’t wear out after a lot of use.

Easy to Clean:

Even after being the best cheap yoga mat available in the market, BalanceFrom GoYoga mat didn’t compromise on basic features. This mat is made of moisture-resistant material which makes this mat super easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it nor drying it. One of the biggest problems when it comes to yoga mats is cleaning them without damaging them. Since it has moisture resistant technology, you don’t have to worry about it.

Easily Portable:

BalanceFrom GoYoga mat despite its thickness is very lightweight which makes it easier to take it anywhere. Another benefit of this mat is that you get a free strap with it. These straps have an adjustable length which makes it more convenient to handle. The loops of the strap have Velcro ends for a better grip over the mat.

Slip Resistant:

This yoga mat contains double-sided nonslip surfaces. It can be counted as a holy grail trait when it comes to yoga mats. We see injuries due to the slippery surface of yoga mats every day. Well, with BalanceFrom GoYoga mat worry not! The moisture-resistant technology teamed up with this feature makes this yoga mat one of the best yoga mats.


The size of this yoga mat might not be long enough if you’re a very tall person. Some people had faced this issue in the past. While another issue that you might face is its small parts tearing apart after a span of use. The durability also varies from person to person depending on how he uses the mat.



  • Affordable
  • ½” inch extra thick
  • Nonslip surfaces
  • 2-year warranty
  • Portable
  • Moisture resistant technology
  • Not long enough
  • Less durable

Final verdict:

If you’re looking for an affordable yoga mat that is easily portable too, then this mat is made for you. It has proved to be the best companion to many yogis. Its thick texture will also help you in maintaining a healthy consistent routine without any bruises.

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2. Heathyoga Eco Friendly – Best Yoga Mat 2018

A little more expensive but extremely efficient mat is Heathyoga Eco mat. This mat’s special quality is hidden in its material. It is not made up of PVC or any heavy rubber that honestly makes yoga very difficult. This yoga mat is made up of TPE approved new eco-friendly material. This material lets you enjoy all the features that you can expect from a yoga mat. It also contains double layer thickness which makes the journey of yoga more enjoyable for the yogis. If you’re looking for a cool yoga mat then this one might get your attention. It has a coloured surface which comes in a variety of colors.

Let’s focus on the various other important features that this yoga contains:

Body Alignment:

This feature makes this mat one of the best choices available for the beginners. The Heathyoga Eco mat contains a body alignment system. This system allows you to know the exact spots where you should place your hands and feet. The spots marked work on almost all yoga positions. Especially if you’re new, it’ll allow you to know exactly where you should place your limbs. This helps in making your posture better too.

¼” inch Thickness:

The thickness of this yoga mat makes it more comfortable than other mats available in the market. Thickness is the basic feature that makes yoga mats useful. If you’re not getting a good cushioning then you might get your elbows and knees bruised. These bruises will not only slow down your progress but also they will hurt you. Hence, go for a yoga mat that gives you a good thickness.

Suitable for All:

This yoga mat has a length and width longer than that of most of the yoga mats. This solves the issue of tall people. Mostly mats might cause unease because of their average length. If you’re a tall person, then Heathyoga Eco has taken care of your needs.

Nonslip Surface:

This yoga mat will provide you the best friction with its micro design tread pattern on the surface. This will help you in providing extra friction, keeping your body in place while doing difficult yoga. The company calls it “double standard” which is true since both surfaces of the mat will give you a firm grip over the ground.

Eco-Friendly material:

The high-quality material used in this yoga mat is eco-friendly. Global warming has destructed the peace of our environment in which rubber and plastic play a great role. Using eco-friendly things that help in lessening the toxicity from the environment is a great cause that Heathyoga Eco mat supports.


The material of this mat might not be super resistant to heat. So, it’s preferable to keep it away from heat or high temperature.



  • Eco-friendly
  • Dual colors
  • Lightweight
  • Longer and Wider

  • Extra support & Cushioning

  • Body Alignment System
  • Nonslip Surfaces
  • Not good in high temperatures

Final verdict:

This yoga mat is best that you can get under 100 bucks. All the features that it comes with make this mat a total steal!

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3. Manduka Welcome Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat Under 50

Manduka Welcome Mat is another affordable mat that you can get your hands on. This mat comes in a range of colours with a 5mm thick surface. The surface of the mat is thick enough to support your body while doing yoga. This mat is said to be effective during yoga and pilates which makes it trustworthy. You can witness all the basic features in this yoga mat that you would want to have.

Here is a list of its important features:


While carrying a yoga mat anywhere, weight is an issue that many people usually face. Manduka Welcome Yoga Mat ensures that its customers don’t have to go through the trouble of managing a heavy yoga mat. The weight of this yoga mat is almost 2.3 lbs which works fine if you compare it to other yoga mats. You can easily carry it around wherever you feel like stretching out in the morning.

Alignment Stripe:

The alignment stripe present in the middle of the yoga mat will help you in maintaining a good posture. While doing yoga, taking care of your hands and feet position is a difficult task. With the alignment stripe, Manduka makes sure that you get the ideal posture quickly. This will help the beginners in attaining a good posture too.

Closed-cell Surface:

The surface of the yoga mat is made up of closed cells. This texture allows the yoga mat to extend its durability. With closed-cell surface, no bacteria or sweat would be able to delve into the yoga mat. This keeps the yoga mat odourless and fresh. The cleaning process is also easy because the only thing you need to focus on cleaning would be the surface of your mat.

It is recommended to clean the surface after every use if you want to use your mat for a long run.

Sustainable manufacturing:

The Manduka Welcome yoga mat is made up of the finest technology which keeps the yoga mat intact for a longer time. The material and manufacturing of the mat are free of toxic glues and solvents. This adds more durability to the account of this yoga mat.

Comfort & Support:

The company gives you a 5mm thick yoga mat which contains extra cushioning for some specific spots. While trying out various yoga positions this cushioning will help you out by giving you the comfort you need. This reduces the chances of any injuries or getting bruised while performing yoga.


This yoga mat might not be the best when it comes to providing you the grip you need.



  • Lightweight

  • Good grip

  • Portable

  • Body Alignment support

  • Closed-cell Surface

  • Wide range of colours

  • Slippery after sweat

Final verdict:

This yoga mat gives you a good length and proves to be the best yoga mat for the money. But, when it comes to giving a firm grip, this might not be the best choice.

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4. Manduka PRO – Best Yoga Mat Under 150

Not everyone can join yoga classes and spend time in a yoga class. For the ones who find sparing time difficult for a proper class but love to stay fit, Manduka PRO is your best option. This mat is best for the people who work out or do yoga at home. This yoga mat is a multi-purpose mat. You can use it for pilates or yoga. The company and many users review it to be the best mat ever because of its durability. You can use it for years for yoga and it will not wear out. The maximum friction that this mat gives makes it suitable for carpets too. If you have a carpet at home then you must be acquainted with the struggle of finding a good yoga mat for it. Manduka PRO is your solution!

Here are some prominent features of this mat:

Joint protection & Support:

The thickness of the matt will help you in doing all your exercises without the fear of any cramp, wrong stretch or a bruise. It has extra cushioning which will keep your spine, hips, elbows, and knees safe from any such harsh injury. This also makes it more durable. The company claims that it will never wear out even after regular light yoga. This claim is true because the material and the thickness it contains all reside in to give optimum performance to all kinds of exercises.

Easy to clean:

The close celled surface of Manduka makes it easy to clean whenever you want. The sweat during a workout is one of the major concerns since the post-workout odour won’t go out of the mat. The sweat won’t seep into the surface of the mat. It helps in keeping the mat odourless and eventually less time in cleaning it.

100% Latex Free:

This yoga mat is made up of non-toxic materials which work wonders for the environment. The material used in the manufacturing of Manduka is very lightweight in its design. It is OekoTex certified and made to give out the best performance to you.


Manduka PRO comes with a free strap which will help you in taking your yoga mat to different places. You can try out some peaceful places to try your new yoga mat. So, take your mat out and find the perfect yoga spot for yourself.


This yoga mat might not be the best option for surfaces other than carpet since its grip is not very efficient.



  • Affordable

  • Lightweight

  • Nontoxic Material

  • Versatile

  • Durable

  • Extra Cushioning

  • Slippery on some surfaces.

Final verdict:

Manduka PRO yoga mat is one of the best yoga mats to use on carpeted floors. Many other yoga mats might slide while you’re in the middle of your routine but due to its density, Manduka PRO gives you a firm grip.

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5. Liforme Yoga Mat – Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

This company is known worldwide for its best quality products. Containing all the basic features with exceptional quality, the bonus feature of this yoga mat is body alignment. This feature will help you in navigating your limbs in the utmost perfect places during yoga. It works like magic for you if you’re a beginner. It might also help you if you’re rejoining the yoga class after a long time. The surface of the mat will help you in keeping a well-balanced posture since it is made for your comfort.

There are several other features that it also facilitates its users with; some of the main features are:

Good Grip:

The surface of the mat will help you in maintaining the perfect balance during some dangerous yoga poses. Having a good grip over the surface of the mat is the greatest concern while you’re performing yoga. Liforme ensures that the quality of the yoga mat’s surface is good enough to help you out in getting a firm grip. This helps in ensuring minimal accidents during yoga.

Body Alignment:

The marks present on the upper surface of the yoga mat will help you in aligning your body ideally for almost all the yoga positions. Focusing on good body alignment is important while you’re doing yoga. Especially when you are new to yoga, this feature will prove to be a lifesaver for you. It gets difficult to focus on maintaining your posture and the position of your hands and feet all at once. Liforme solves this issue for you!

Efficient Support:

The thickness of the yoga mat is important when it comes to providing a good level of support to the yogi. The poses might work for a longer span and in this time, one of the concerns is ending up with bruised limbs. The elbows, head, knees, spine needs extra care during some of the poses. Hence, extra cushioning in the Liforme Yoga Mat will help you in getting the optimum support.

Planet Friendly:

The material of the Liforme Yoga mat is eco-friendly. It is made mostly of the natural rubber which is later topped with eco-friendly polyurethane. The material is PVC free hence no toxicities follow you. The yoga mat is also biodegradable which gives it an edge over many other yoga mats.


It comes with a carrying bag which makes it easier to carry it anywhere with you. You can go and try out different places and meditate there.


The material being a natural rubber is a little squeaky and heavy. If you’re a yogi who loves to do yoga at home then you should try it.



  • Eco-friendly.

  • Great grip on both sides.

  • Durable

  • Portable

  • Good length and width

  • Body Alignment

  • Squeaky loud

  • Heavier than many others

Final verdict:

Liforme Yoga Mat is a great option for beginners or for the people who are doing yoga after a break. The body alignment will help you in gaining the perfect position while dense texture will give you good support. I would totally recommend it to all the yogis!

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6. IUGA Pro – Best Nonslip Yoga Mat 2022

This yoga mat is one of those mats at whom you’ll look and know that it’s a good one. The sleek look and commendable features of this yoga mat differ from the rest. No matter which features you’re questioning, IUGA pro will prove itself the best for you. The material used to make this yoga mat is lightweight as well as eco-friendly. This yoga mat is also unique in its ability. You can use this yoga mat for hot yoga too which rarely works well on yoga mats of this price range.

Now let’s talk about the features that it has to offer you!

Extra Large Size:

For the tall people, the struggle to find the best yoga mat is real. We can understand that and so does IUGA. This yoga mat is built to help all of the tall people because of its extra-large size. It has the dimensions of 72”×26” which is extremely efficient of it. We don’t witness a yoga mat with all the mentioned qualities easily.

Water Absorbing Surface:

The specialty of this yoga mat is that it welcomes all the hot yoga lovers. During hot yoga, one of the greatest issues is intense sweating. Sweating can become a hurdle during yoga since it makes the surface of the yoga mat slippery. With IUGA Pro yoga mat, this issue is solved. Its surface is made up of the water-absorbing technology which makes hot yoga more fun for the yogis. You can stay fresh and focused even during an intense session.

Lightweight& Travel-Friendly:

Another major concern for the yogis who love to travel around the world but stay connected to yoga is getting a lightweight mat. Even by the looks of this yoga mat, you can acknowledge that it is a lightweight yoga mat with maximum qualities. Its weight is almost 2.5lbs which is bearable and easy to transport.

Ultimate Grip:

With a sleek design, IAGU also facilitates you with a firm grip over the ground. You can use this mat on any surface without the fear of it slipping away. The grip that it gives to your hands and body helps you in comfortably acquiring the ideal posture.

SGS Certified & Odourless:

The material is eco-friendly and SGS certified to be used freely in the environment without causing any harm to the consumers of nature. The odourless quality helps in keeping you and your yoga mat fresh during hot yoga sessions.


In some cases, a part of this yoga mat tore apart but we believe that it rarely happens.



  • Lightweight

  • Allows Hot Yoga

  • Good grip

  • Odourless

  • Travel-Friendly

  • Water Absorbing

  • Extra Large Size

  • Sleek Design

  • Affordable

  • Small portions might tear apart

Final verdict:

This is hands down the best yoga mat under 100 bucks that you can get. Gives a good look, has all the qualities! Nothing is left to compromise on with this yoga mat.

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7. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat – With Superior Traction

If you love to have a yoga mat that looks cool and has a vibrant color then you surely should choose one of Jade Harmony Yoga Mat. Other than being the cool yoga mat, this yoga mat is also famous for the enormous grip it provides to the consumers worldwide. The lovers of hot yoga know how important it is to get a good grip without any discomfort on your yoga mat. This yoga mat is made up of natural rubber which not oy gives it the famous grip but also an eco-friendly nature.

Let’s delve into exploring its features:

Best for any Yoga:

The variations in yoga and its poses make it special but it also makes it difficult. Especially while attaining the perfect posture in all sessions while using one mat. Some mats won’t provide you with the extra cushioning in the sensitive bony areas that touch the ground. This yoga mat takes care of all these minute details and gives you a very comfortable environment.

Great Grip:

The texture of the surface is focused to give you a good firm grip over the yoga mat while performing exercises. If you have a good grip over your mat then you can perform various hot yoga poses without any second thoughts. Not having a good grip might lead to an accident since you know how dangerous slippery surfaces can be.


The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat is made up of natural rubber. This material not only makes your yoga mat eco-friendly but it also helps in giving you a good grip over the ground. With natural rubber, you can put your trust into this brand. Even during long poses and vigorous practices, you can trust Jade Harmony mat.

Wide colour Range:

If you’re a fan of having funky colors on your yoga mat for getting all the fresh vibes, then choose this one! Jade Yoga Harmony Mat comes in a large range of colours. These mats can add colours into your room and lighten the mood too.


This yoga mat is expensive if you compare it to the durability it has. You might have to buy another mat after some time.



  • Eco-friendly

  • Firm grip

  • Versatile

  • Wide range of colours

  • Higher Price than others

  • Less Durable

  • Might tear apart

Final verdict:

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat is efficient when it comes to having a light in-house yoga. For hot yoga or intense sessions, we wouldn’t recommend it.

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

8. Clever Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat Under 100

Another eco-friendly product for you is Clever Yoga mat. It comes as a package since you also get a carry bag with it. Containing all the required qualities, this yoga mat is very efficient in its working. It has a very comfortable surface texture along with a good grip for the yogis.

Here are some of the features it contains:

Non-Slip Surface:

This yoga mat will provide you excellent traction right from the beginning. It will easily support your asanas while giving you a good grip over the ground. Along with the good grip, it won’t affect your comfort zone. These products are made for yogis and every minute detail of them is kept in mind to provide yogis a good journey.

Absorbs moisture:

Another feature that helps in getting a good grip is its ability to absorb moisture. While performing hot yoga, you must sweat a lot. To not let it come in way of your session, this yoga mat helps you by absorbing sweat.

Odourless & Fresh:

The antibacterial material of this yoga mat makes it one of the best yoga mats. You don’t have to worry about the sweat or the odour that it leaves behind. The technology used in its material is designed to give you a fresh yoga session.


There is nothing much to worry about when it comes to this yoga mat.



  • Eco-friendly

  • Great grip

  • Moisture Absorbing

  • Good Length

  • Carry bag

  • Accommodates hot yoga

  • Odourless

  • Costs more than a $100 dollars

Final verdict:

It is the best yoga mat out there. If you can buy an expensive yet durable yoga mat then try this yoga mat out.

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9. Crown Sporting Goods Yoga Mat – Ultra-Thick Yoga Mat 2022

For the people who have hard floors at home and suffer while working out on them, this is the solution. The thick nature of this yoga mat focuses on keeping your joints safe and gives you a soft surface to workout on. For extra joint health and physical therapy, we would highly recommend it. By only taking a look at it you can guess how comfortable it is.

Let’s take a look at its features now!

Thick Cloud-like Surface:

The Crown Sporting Goods Yoga Mat feels like a cloud when you’re standing on it. Well, who doesn’t like to be on cloud nine? The surface of the yoga mat is designed to give you better support throughout the session. It is built for people who have joint issues and need protection. This is why you might feel that it is softer than regular yoga mats.

Nonslip Surface:

The graded surface on the upper part of the mat gives a fine grip to the yogis while you perform yoga. It is also good when it comes to absorbing sweat during vigorous practices. This ensures you to have a safe workout despite any joint issues.

Extra-large length:

Length issues don’t meddle with this amazing yoga mat. You can trust the Crown Sporting Goods when it comes to length. This yoga mat has an approximate length of about 72”×24”.

Multipurpose Mats:

These yoga mats are versatile in their use. You can use these yoga mats for not only yoga but also for

  1. Pilates
  2. Hot Yoga
  3. Weight Lifting
  4. Floor Exercises


Due to its thickness and large size, it might be difficult to bend it and keep it at a place. Especially with the straps that are available with it, the yoga mat has more power.



  • Good for Joint Issues

  • Extra cushioning

  • Good grip

  • Good length

  • Multipurpose

  • Very Soft

  • Difficult to fold

  • Difficult to store

Final verdict:

For the people who believe in comfort along with fitness, try this yoga mat. It is very soft yet fulfils the purpose. If you have any joint issues yet you are recommended to keep in touch with exercises then this is your go-to yoga mat.

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10. Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga Mat – Cheapest Yoga Mat 2022

This yoga mat is actually a whole package. Looking at it feels like a dream to every yogi since it comes with several other useful things.

Here is a list of things this yoga mat comes with:

  1. ½” Ultra Thick NBR Exercise Mat
  2. 2 Yoga Blocks
  3. 1 Yoga Mat Towel
  4. 1 Yoga Hand Towel
  5. 1 Yoga Strap

Here are some of its important features:

Non-Slip Surface:

The surface of the yoga mat gives you a good grip over the ground which prevents you from any accidents happening.

Moisture Absorbing Technology:

This technology makes sure that your yoga mat stays fresh so do you. It helps you keep the workout session going even after trying out strenuous exercises. It also helps in giving you a good grip over the yoga mat.


This yoga mat set can be used for several activities such as

  1. Yoga
  2. Pilates
  3. Stretching
  4. Toning Workouts

This enables you to try several variations with just one package.


Its length might not be long enough for some of the tall yogis. This is the one issue that you might face while looking at this yoga mat.



  • Multipurpose

  • Comes with a set

  • Moisture Absorbing Technology

  • Slip Resistant

  • Not durable enough

  • It might not be long enough for some people.

Final verdict:

This is a good choice when it comes to buying an affordable yoga mat. The mat towel and hand towel make it a perfect mat for everyone.

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Sivan Yoga

Top 3 Recommendations:

When it comes to buying an ideal yoga mat there are so many aspects you need to keep in mind. According to us here are the top three recommendations for all the yogis based on different aspects.


This yoga mat has all the qualities one can dream about. I love its look, its durability and in a nutshell, everything about it!

Liforme Yoga Mat:

This mat is eco-friendly. It helps the beginners a big time since it contains a body alignment feature in it. It is made of natural rubber. The cushioning in it is perfect.

Yoga Cloud Ultra Thick:

This yoga mat is in the top 3 recommendations because of its versatility and wide use. It is so soft that working out on it feels like a fitness freak’s dream.

All of these yoga mats along with being the best in their working are also quite affordable. So, you only have to make the right decision by buying one of these for yourselves.

Buying Guide Regarding Yoga Mats:

Finding the perfect yoga mat for you is like looking for a soul mate. You start your day with it, you use it during stressful situations. Well, you don’t have to worry about searching for your ‘soul mat’ since we are here to help you out. Here are some of the things you need to keep in focus before buying a yoga mat:

Go For Well Recognized Brands:

The popularity that brands get is because of their efficient working. Trust the reviews you read and go for the brand that offers you more.

Don’t Go for Expensive mats:

You can easily get yourself a good yoga mat that contains all the desired qualities under 100 bucks. So, you do not have to waste your money on pricey goods. Since all those glitters are not gold.

Comfort Zone:

Go for a yoga mat that covers all the things that suit you. If you are a tall person, do consider looking into the length of the mat. If you are new then consider buying a mat with body alignment feature.

Why Do You Need A Yoga Mat?

Yoga is the type of meditation that comes by acquiring efficiency over-vigorous poses and sessions. Doing yoga without a yoga mat can be very risky. Hard floors might get you all bruised up at the end of the session. The mandatory sweating during the hot yoga can lead to any serious accident too if you are not using a yoga mat. Hence, go on and order yourself a good yoga mat!

Features to Consider before getting a Yoga Mat:

Yoga mats vary in their features and qualities. The main difference they all have is their quality. While looking into the features, here are some of the essential features you need to consider:

Slip Resistant Surfaces

A good grip over the surface is crucial for hot yoga and other exercises.

Sweat Absorbing Surface

This feature helps in giving you a good momentum and stability even after strenuous sessions.

Length and Width

For tall people, this feature is of great concern.

Non-Toxic Material

Protect nature and buy eco-friendly products.

Body Alignment

This feature helps all the beginners and the ones who are resuming yoga after a break.


This feature helps in the portability of the yoga mat. It is important for outdoor yogis.


The yoga mat should be thick enough to provide support to your elbows, skull, knees, hands and other such joints.

Some Last Words:

Yoga nourishes your soul and keeps your mind fresh. It can only be kept this way if you do it the right way. Yoga mats help you in that so, treat yourself good and buy a yoga mat!